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How Many Showings Does it Take to Sell a House in Jacksonville?

You’ve already got a busy life and your real estate agent just let you know that a new buyer wants to see your house...


Can You Sell a Rental Property With Tenants In it?

Rental properties can be a great way to invest in real estate. They can appreciate in value and provide a constant flow...


Should I Repair My Home Before Selling?

Did you know most homes are in need of some major repair? Did you also know that many of these repairs are required by...


The Secret to Selling a Hoarder House

According to the American Psychiatric Association 2.6% of the US population suffers from hoarding disorder. While the...


4 Ways to Know if You Should Accept a Cash Offer on Your House

A  2022 study found that 65% of homeowners would consider selling to an i-buyer, or other cash investor. But is it a...

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What is a real estate wholesaler?

And how is an investor different?  Real estate wholesaling isn’t a new phenomena. But a flurry of recent media...