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Posted on August 17, 2022 by in Sellers

How Many Showings Does it Take to Sell a House in Jacksonville?

You’ve already got a busy life and your real estate agent just let you know that a new buyer wants to see your house tonight at 6:00 – if that works for you. You want to get your home sold, so you drop everything you are doing to clean, vacuum, and prepare your house so a stranger can poke around your personal space. 

The worst part? After all that effort they decide the home isn’t a good fit. Your already precious time has been squandered on a useless showing. How many more times will you need to go through this before you get it sold? How many showings does it take to sell a house in Jacksonville?

What is the average number of showings to sell a house in Jacksonville? 

According to real MLS the average number of showings to get a home under contract in the Jacksonville real estate market was 16.1 in June 2022, down from 16.3 in May 2022. This only accounts for showings set up through a real estate agent and does not account for any private showings. 

This means that in the time it takes to get your house under contract, you will have to completely rearrange your day over 16 times for showings before you close. That might be tens if not hundreds of hours spent getting your Jacksonville home ready to show. 

The worst part? Just because a home goes under contract, doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed sale. Renegotiation is common practice, repair requests, difficulty with financing, or even buyers just getting cold feet can bring you back to square one in an instant. 

A graph showing the average number of showings it takes for a listed home to go under contract in Jacksonville.
How long does it take to sell a house?

As a home seller you now know to expect just under 15 showings when trying to sell your home. But did you know that those 16 showings might take place over as few as 30 days? That was the average time on the market for a home in Jacksonville during June 2022. 


That means for the average successful home sale you will have to show your home almost 16 times to sell in just under a month. And that’s in Jacksonville. The national average for the number of days a home stays on the market before selling is just 14! 

An infographic showing the average number of days on the market in Jacksonville vs the national average in blue.

What about houses that don’t sell?

The sad truth is that not every home listing will sell. It’s been a “sellers” market, meaning there are more buyers than sellers and that demand outpaces supply. However, the market is beginning to cool and more homes are sitting on the market unsold each month. 

In fact, while the average number of showings to contract was 16.1 in June 2022, the average number of showings for all listings was 7.4 in June 2022. The reason for the discrepancy? Some homes simply don’t sell despite the many showings. 

Imagine spending all of those hours for 7 strangers to walk through your house, only to decide it’s not going to work out. Talk about a waste of time. 

How to make your home show better

You can think of showings as a marketing tactic to display the benefits of your house when compared to other available properties. You want to sell the buyer on your home, the lifestyle it will provide, and the fantasy of how much better their life will be if they live there. 

Here are a few ways to make your home stand out to reduce the number of showings needed to sell, and to improve the chances your next showing will bring a buyer. 

  1. Ensure that the home price is accurate with your real estate agent. This seems simple, but even the best house if mispriced will have difficulty selling.
  2. Keep the home clean and free of clutter. The buyer isn’t you, and they don’t share you style, or vision for the home. You want to give them the opportunity to envision themselves and their own style. To do this, keep things simple and above all else: clean. 
  3. Have the home professionally staged. Let’s face it, some of your furniture might not be in the best shape. Pets, kids, and even just the wear and tear of daily use can make the nicest piece look a little shoddy. Staging reduces clutter, and also ensures that the furniture and possessions in your home are new, clean, and match the overall theme that the stager is setting, making the fantasy that much more plausible for the buyer. 

A staged listed house with white walls, white chairs, and light wooden cabinets listed on the NEFMLS by Wholesale Realty LLC.

Are there any ways to avoid showings all together? 

It is possible to sell a house without the need to constantly show it to potential buyers. There are companies that buy houses in your area, and they do so with a cash offer, usually as-is, which means you can leave the clutter and skip the showings. Usually they only need a single walk-through before closing. 

You may take a slight reduction on the sale price, but this is a great option for rental properties and other homes that are difficult to constantly show. 

Conclusions – How many showings does it take to sell a house in Jacksonville?

So how Many Showings Does it Take to Sell a House in Jacksonville? The answer is about 16. Whatever you decide, remember that the end goal is selling your home. Pick the strategy that works best for you, and commit to making your home show its best self. 

If you have a home you want to sell in Northeast Florida, Duval Home Buyers LLC would love to help. We buy houses for cash, as-is, without showings. You can even leave behind any belongings you don’t feel like moving. We’ll take care of everything! 

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