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Sell Your Home Jacksonville

How Affordability Affects Selling a Home in Jacksonville

At the time of the June 2022 market peak, the average sales price of a single family home in the Jacksonville MSA which...

Sell Your House Jacksonville

4 Tips to Help Sell Your House in Jacksonville this Winter

For many, Winter is a time of family, food, and festivities. But for some homeowners the Winter season brings only...

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Rising mortgage rates – what they mean for sellers

Mortgage rates have been rising since the start of the year, climbing above 6% in September. Thanks to the Federal...


The truth: how long selling a house in Florida really takes

66 days. That’s the average time from listing to closing on a home in Florida in 2022. That breaks down as 18 days to...


Do I need to rewire my house to sell it?

Electricity in our homes is something that we often take for granted. Bad storms aside, when you flip a lightswitch,...


What is an earnest money deposit and how does it help me?

In the current housing market it can be difficult to determine which offer to choose during your home sale. There are...