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Posted on June 20, 2022 by in Sellers

3 Tips: How to Sell Your Jacksonville House and Move to Another State

Relocation is common in today’s world. Job relocation, military relocations, and other life events are all factors that can cause you to move to another state. But what do you do if you need to sell your Jacksonville house and move to another state? 

Time is working against you, but these tips will help you speed up the process to make your out of state move as stress-free as possible.

1. Understand your timeframe

If you are moving out of state for a job, to take care of family, or a multitude of other reasons, time will be your biggest challenge to selling your old home. Home sales don’t happen overnight, and if you need to sell quickly, you need to plan your selling strategy accordingly. 

The process of selling a home usually starts with deciding whether or not to hire a real estate agent, but in order to do so, you need to understand how much time you have to complete your sale. 

Real estate agents can help in a variety of ways including: pricing your home, listing and marketing your home, and procuring a buyer. 

But it’s worth noting that the traditional process of selling with a realtor takes time, with the average sale in 2021 taking 80 days. That may not work if you have weeks instead of months for your relocation. 

If you aren’t able to spend 80+ days trying to sell your house, you may need to consider alternative methods of selling your house fast such as selling to a cash buyer. We cover this in more detail later in this article. 

2. Set your price

If you decided that hiring a real estate agent was your best choice they will largely cover this section for you. It is their job to suggest a price based on recent sales comparisons, market conditions, and home features, but ultimately you get to decide the final asking price. 

If you didn’t hire a real estate agent, start by looking at recent sales on a public site such as zillow.com. Look for homes in your area with a similar size and layout to your home. Restrict your search to homes that have sold in the last 3-6 months for best results. Also pay attention to the sales history. Sites such as Zillow will show price reductions, time on the market, and the final sales price. 

Once you’ve determined a reasonable value, it’s time to adjust for time frame and buying a house in your new market. 

If you are relocating to another state with cheaper housing, and you have a tight timeframe, you may opt to sell your house below market value to ensure a quick sale. 

If the state you are moving to is more expensive, or you don’t have time restrictions, you may opt to start marketing your house at or above market value in an effort to earn as much as possible to buy a home in your new state. 

3. Create your ideal closing

You’ve discovered your timeline, set a price, and decided on a selling strategy. The last thing to consider is how you expect your closing to take place and when. If you anticipate the challenges you will face trying to sell and move out of state, you can structure the day of your sale closing to fit your needs! 

The first thing to consider when building your ideal closing is your closing date. Choosing a flexible closing date when you will be available to sign documents and answer calls is instrumental to a good sale. You don’t want to be traveling or starting your first day at the new job when a closing complication arises. 

Additionally, be sure to build your closing around your moving needs. If you need to close on your hold home to have funds for your new home, but aren’t ready to move for a few more days, negotiate post occupancy agreements. A good buyer will be willing to make concessions for your needs if you are willing to make concessions of your own. 

The easy way to ensure a great sale before moving to another state

The easiest way to sell your Jacksonville house and move to another state is to sell to a cash buyer like Duval Home Buyers. These home buyers provide all cash offers for your home, allowing them to work with your asking price. They also offer flexible closings on your terms. If you know you need to sell your Jacksonville home quickly, be sure to find out what a local cash investor could offer you!