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Building a Better Duval Home Buyers

Last week we launched our new brand. As you are reading this blog post, we’re hoping you’d have noticed on your own – what with our modern new logo, a comforting new set of colors, and a professional new typeface – but we wanted to share more about what’s happening and why we are doing it. 

Duval Home Buyers is all about building trust and developing relationships, even when it comes to the way we talk about our brand. 

What does “brand” mean anyway?

Most of us have heard the term “brand” tossed about, typically in reference to well known products and services such as Coca-cola or Facebook. But what exactly does the “brand” refer to? Their logo? The shape of their can? The color of their t-shirts? Yes – but it also means a good deal more. 

We invite you to dive a bit deeper with us, because to Duval Home Buyers our brand is about how our customers feel about our service, and about us as an organization. It’s about association, identifiability, but most of all it’s about trust. 

A good brand makes you want to be part of their story 

A strong, well designed brand should make us think and feel a certain way, which in turn leads us to interact in a certain way. More importantly, we’re more likely to talk about it with the people we trust such as our friends, family, or co-workers. 

The brands we remember often have a good product or service, but we remember them for what they stand for and how they say it. 

At Duval Home Buyers, we want to be a brand that can create a sense of trust, compassion, community, and professionalism. We’re proud of what we’ve built, and we want our community to join us in making real estate sales easier and more approachable to everyday sellers. 

Duval Home Buyers is for building relationships

As a local business, one of our key tenants is to always consider our community and the individuals who make it. After all we’re a part of it too, living, working, and growing together. 

When we set out to revise our brand we wanted our customers to be a part of it. We asked past customers, family, and friends what they thought of when they saw Duval Home Buyers. Most answered simply: a cash home buyer. It pained us to know that’s all we were perceived as being. 

Firstly, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that notion, after all our primary service is a cash for homes buying program, but in the thirteen years since Duval Home Buyers’ founding, we’ve strived to be so much more than a boxed concept. We wanted our customers to know what makes us different. The answer lies in the relationships we build. 

Creating a new Duval Home Buyers

We knew that something had to be done. We’ve developed a culture that’s incredibly special to us at Duval Home Buyers, one built on trust, intimacy, and understanding at a human level. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be getting across to our customers. 

We needed to re-envision ourselves in a way that would help us revolutionize the home selling process – to show the world who we really were behind the scenes – and we needed to do it while staying true to ourselves and our service. 

A new logo

Our new logo is one of the most obvious changes from our old brand. It’s one of the main visual components to our identity, and we wanted it to have a meaning that correlated with our values. 

We started with our name. We operate in many different markets, but Duval County is our home base, and Jacksonville’s mixing pot community is the perfect representation of our version of community. 

Then we added the doorway. It’s our sincere belief that your home is more than just a house. Your front door is the entryway into your life, a private refuge where your hopes, dreams, and ambitions reside. How could we treat it as anything less? 

Finally we added the walkway. We see ourselves not as buyers, but rather as guides. Regardless of where the path will take you, we wanted to ensure we helped you to find it, empowering your financial future for years to come. 

Typography and language

We’ve made a promise to try and make the home selling process simple, fast, and easy to understand. Shouldn’t the way we write and speak be as well? 

Our new typeface is LATO. It’s a simple yet professional Sans Serif font that is easy to read on any device, making our message more accessible and inclusive. 

We’ve also worked to be more conversational. After all, we’re a small team of real people. It’s time we talked plainly, and we’ve found it helps us build the relationships our customers need to feel comfortable working with us! 


Our colors are based on feeling. When we started having the conversation about our brand’s image, we kept returning to the pillars on which we’ve built our business. Professionalism, trust, relationship building, and empowerment through organic growth.

Our primary color is a deep blue, which elicits calm and trust. Supported by whites and soft greys that are easy on the eyes for accessibility and inclusiveness. We also included a tertiary green accent, which inspires growth and hope. And it is our hope that our customers feel those things whenever they see Duval Home Buyers. 

Our promise to our customers

To live up to the goals of our new brand we know that we have to continue to be the best we can be for ourselves, and our community. We’re proud to say that we now have something that fits, but we also know that our brand is only the representation of who we are behind the scenes. We pledge to stay true to those values without compromise and we hope that we can inspire others to be their best brand, and their best selves!