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3 tips for selling this fall and winter

There’s a common misconception that if you didn’t sell your home during the red hot spring and summer months you might as well pack it in until next year. While it is true that selling in fall and selling in winter is more difficult than selling in spring or summer, it’s far from impossible. With these great tips we’ve got for you below, you might even be able to turn this holiday season to your advantage! 

1. Cozy is King.

The winter months are for hot chocolate, a warm fire, fleece blankets, and family. What better way to show off the potential of your home than highlighting these aspects to home buyers! 

Showcase the holidays with light seasonal decor, nothing flashy, just enough to say “you’ll make memories here.” Fleece throw blankets, a few holiday pillows, soft winter lighting, or even just some casual kitchen decor can convey the spirit of the season in a way that’s unintrusive. Allowing you to turn the holidays into an ideal time to sell. 

2. Avoid outdoor decor. 

We’ve all seen that neighbor that loves to go overboard with their holiday decorating. Flashing lights, inflatables, or maybe even a thirteen foot plastic skeleton (yes it’s a real thing), it can be enticing to join in the festivities. Unfortunately there’s no better way to tell potential buyers to “stay away”. 

Keep your yard neat and maintained, free from decorations or anything overly flashy. A potential buyer is looking at your home to figure out how their lifestyle would fit, the closer you can get to an elegant blank slate, the better. 

3. Make the light right. 

As summer turns to fall, and fall to winter, the days get shorter and the nights get darker. Many prospective buyers get off work as the sun goes down, meaning that your home will need to show well in the dusk, twilight, and even in full dark. 

Inviting interior lighting can highlight the warmth of your home. Softer lighting is typically preferable to harsh sterile lights, but brightness is key! 

Additionally, the lighting of the exterior of your home can go a long way in showing those buyers just how comforting living there can be. Spotlights, floodlights, and lighted walkways ensure safety, while highlighting the home’s warm contrast with the evening chill. Just stay away from those tacky Christmas lights until you settle into the next stop in your homeownership journey. 

Holiday home sales can be a benefit. 

Fall home sales and winter home sales can be difficult, as staging, showing, and maintaining a home throughout the holiday season is often an added stress and challenge; however, just because you missed the summer window doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to sell. By following the tips we’ve set above you can ensure your home is enticing to possible buyers, helping you close quickly and for top dollar. 

Alternatively, you can also skip the hassle all together and sell your home directly to Duval Home Buyers. Weather and seasons don’t affect our buying program, so no matter what time of year it is it’s always cash and always on your terms. So go ahead, put up your thirteen foot skeleton this year, we won’t mind one bit!